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Bunny Muffin 
Rabbit with great loving heart, soulful eyes, lop-eared fluffy boy.
This baby - Not a baby. His size like as real rabbit , height 9.5 inches.

Rabbit Muffin  made in the  needle felting technique  of natural merino wool. 
It has a hand-painted handmade  blue eyes. He has a blue felted merino scarf. I made this scarf special for him, his color like the eyes of a rabbit.
It is 100% handmade OOAK toy. Tinted artistic oil and dry pastel.

I wanted to make a toy that has a children's eyes.
He has more naive expressive eyes and touching hanging ears.
I made a cute pink nose and pink heels and pads for Muffin.

US $350.00
For adoption write me trinny_86@mail.ru

1 комментарий:

  1. Анонимный12 июня 2016 г., 18:23

    Не слишком ли цена за игрушку, пусть даже и handmade??? С луны свалились?